About Red Bank Capital


Red Bank’s objective is to acquire companies at reasonable values and leverage its own management and financial capabilities to unlock the untapped potential that each company possesses.  Red Bank takes a long-term view of its investments and acts accordingly when it comes to decisions regarding the direction and operation of a company. Red Bank’s long-range view is focused on creating value by growing each acquired company to a point where it is a desirable acquisition target for strategic and financial buyers. 

Philosophy & Guiding Principles

Red Bank Capital has established the following operating principals and philosophies: 

  • To acquire control positions in operating companies.  Minority positions will be considered if the purchase is part of a broader succession plan where full control will be available in the near future.
  • To target opportunities that have favorable growth prospects in industries that are emerging or have niche growth opportunities in industries that are well established.
  • To pursue opportunities where growth can primarily be achieved organically and can be home grown rather than through a reliance on acquisitions.
  • To focus efforts on the opportunity that is presented, not the infrastructure (management, processes, facilities, etc.); the long-term value of the opportunity will be the primary driver of whether a target is pursued.
  • To structure transactions that will maximize overall fund returns and provide the most practical use of capital. 
  • To recruit seasoned managers who possess innate leadership qualities and have a track record that exhibits management excellence.  Their compensation will be tied to the overall success of the company.
  • To foster a culture of discipline throughout the organization.  Red Bank will recruit, retain and promote employees who are self motivated and self disciplined.  Regardless of their skill set, those who do not fit this profile will not be retained.
  • To empower employees within the portfolio companies so that they feel invested into the company and its overall success.  Employees throughout the organization will be involved in the continual development and evolution of business and organizational strategy.
  • To make considerable efforts in identifying and promoting training and educational opportunities that are focused on developing competencies in desired employee skill sets throughout the organization.
  • To leverage technologies and streamlined business processes which can accelerate growth with limited investment.
  • To keep focused on the “big picture” which is to build the portfolio companies in a manner that provides consistent returns but also proves desirable to future acquirers, ensuring that long-term appreciation is achieved.

In adhering to these general principles and philosophies Red Bank Capital believes that it can build a portfolio of operating businesses and real estate assets that will provide investors and principals with long-term value appreciation.